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Michael Hund   |  USA



Hall of Fame guitarist - Michael Hund


From the snow bound city of Buffalo NY, born in Hamburg, and raised on Country and Blues. Michael Hund still calls his Mother "Ma" and speaks with a cool softness, not only is he a gentleman, he is one intense guitarist.Michael became fascinated with the guitar at an early age, after receiving his first guitar for his 7 birthday, he began cutting his teeth on the popular rock music of the 70’s but soon found himself being drawn toward the Blues. Michael's Mother who played Pedal Steel in several local bands during the 60's not only wanted her son Michael to learn the music of his own generation, but to also learn the Country and blues based music that she herself came up playing. Michael was soon hooked on Chet Atkins,Jerry Reed‘s guitar playing, he then discovered the music of Jeff Beck which led him to all of the blues masters and the innovative Jimi Hendrix, the rest is history. Michael Hund’s New cd release GraFFiti, full of searing guitar riffs & soulful deep rooted vocals. You hear all of the influences, but there is more. Michael has evolved his own distinctive style. The Michael Hund’s GraFFiti music is a mix of Blues, Southern Rock, Funk, R&B/Soul, Country etc. A typical GraFFiti show features songs for everyone, including original songs and covers ranging from a twangy Jeff Beck song to a jammin' Allman Brothers tune to a hard driving Janis Joplin cover complete with Hunds playing screaming guitar solos with his teeth and behind his back. In 2007 Michael Hund SIGNS with CMG Records in Nashville TN with a instrumental and vocal CD selling of the shelfs 2010 Asked to join DEREK ST.HOLMES (ted nugent)touring band, 2013 BACKING BAND FOR APPICE DRUM WARS AND 2013 joins the TEXAS GUITAR ARMY with HEXX HENDERSON,PAT TRAVERS DANNY B.HARVEY. KIRK HARPER. Truly, Hund is the type of player that has to be seen.. Endorsements:BOLT AMPS ,WAMPLER EFFECTS,Onzoguitars , Pickfactory Picks,






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