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Jaeha Kim   |  South Korea



Jaeha Kim is the leader of the Korean thrash metal band ‘Method’ and he is in charge of composition, arrangement, producing, engineering for all the Method albums. One of best guitarists and songwriters in Korea.




2002  Organized the thrash metal band ‘Method’

2006  Method’s 1st Album [Survival ov the fittest] release, songwriting & producing

2006  Attended ‘Love Life No Regrets Festival 2006’ in Hongkong

2007  The 9th Puchon International Student Animation Festival 2007 (PISAF2007) “Mad Monkey” sound track

2009  Method’s 2nd Album [Spiritual Reinforcement] release, songwriting & producing

2009  Appeared on [EBS space 共感]

2009  Exclusive Method performance for the 2nd album

2010  Guest appearance on Baekdoosan’s exclusive concert ‘Road of The King Tour 2010 in Seoul’

2010  Featured on a short film ‘Road To Nowhere’, as a main actor

2010  Appeared on [Daejeon MBC Radio]

2010  Nominated for the Best Rock Album in the Korean Music Awards

2010  Reinforcement South East Asia TOUR 2010 in Taiwan & Hongkong

2010  Appeared on [EBS space 共感 G3 Thrash The Wall]

2010  Appeared on [M.net Time To Rock]

2010  Guitar background (B.G.M.) recording for CASS beer commercials

2010  Guest appearance on THE HAUNTED & Heaven Shall Burn concert in Korea

2010  Band Click at Chugye University For The Arts

2010  Appeared on HELLRIDE  FEST with CRASH & DIABLO

2011  Guest appearance on HIBRIA & Napalm Death concert in Korea

2010  Arrangement & recording for band 'LEGEND' 1st album

2010  Toured with thrash metal band 'Crash', with celebrating Crash’s 6th Album

2010  Performed on MBC concert hall & MBC TV concert programs

2011  Appeared on Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2001

2012  Method’s 3rd Album [The Constant] release, songwriting & producing

2012  Appeared on [EBS space 共感 Special]

2013  Nominated for the Best Rock Album in the Korean Music Awards

2013  2013 Method 1st EP Album [Warrior's Way] release, songwriting & producing

2014  Guest appearance on Destruction, Black Dahlia murder & Orpheus omega concert in Korea

2014  Guest appearance on Asia metal festival, performed with Dark Tranquillity

2015  Guest appearance on Arch Enemy concert in Korea

2015  Appeared on [EBS space 共感 Method special]

2015  Method 4th Album ['Abstract'] release, songwriting & sub-producing (Produced by Heungchan Ahn from ‘CRASH’)

2016  Won the best heaviness album in the 13th Korean Music Awards





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