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 Tension Chart
Note Code Diameter
1:E RD009 .009 0.2286 13.12 5.9511
2:B RD011 .011 0.2794 11.02 4.9986
3:G RD016 .016 0.4064 14.66 6.6497
4:D NW024 .024 0.6096 15.65 7.0987
5:A NW032 .032 0.8128 15.43 6.9989
6:E NW042 .042 1.0668 14.33 6.5
lbs Total = 84.21    |    kg Total = 38.197      


Nickel Round Wound Electric Guitar Strings


BlackSmith electric guitar strings are made with the finest materials and manufactured using state-of-the-art automatic servo controlled winding equipment. USA made nickel and steel ensures a long lasting string with increased sustain and purer tone. Our proprietary computer controlled winding technology produces strings with a very consistent wrap surface and even tension, resulting in stable tuning, accurate intonation, and superior playability. Sub-Zero treated plain steel strings offer brilliant tone with a silky feel. With BlackSmith electric guitar strings, you will experience the perfect balance of consistency, tone, and playability. Vacuum Sealed in Patented Anti Kink Packaging Prevents Oxidation and String Damage.


3 Set Value Pack of our NW-0942 - Includes three sets of NW-0942, along with two extra 1st strings and a BlackSmith sticker!!
NW-0942, one of BlackSmith's best selling sets, delivers silky smooth bends and biting tone. A standard for many electric guitars.



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