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BlackSmith 900 Pick Assortment - P900-MG


BlackSmith offers premium quality guitar picks most players need, featuring different feels, functions and looks.  

This pack is including 16 kinds of Carbon & Celluloid pick and totally 900 individual picks, 

and all picks are light(0.5mm) to extra-heavy(1.5mm) gauges.


Perfect for dealer shop displays, and please enjoy playing with BlackSmith picks !!!


Includes :


P001BR-L  Celluloid(Brown) Triangle Pick Light(0.5mm) 50 EA

P001BR-M  Celluloid(Brown) Triangle Pick Medium(0.7mm) 50 EA 


P002MC-L  Celluloid(Multi-Color) Standard Pick Light(0.5mm) 50 EA

P002MC-M  Celluloid(Multi-Color) Standard Pick Medium(0.7mm) 50 EA

P002MC-MH  Celluloid(Multi-Color) Standard Pick Medium-Heavy(1.0mm) 50 EA 


P003BK-L  Carbon(Black) Triangle Pick Light(0.5mm) 100 EA

P003BK-M  Carbon(Black) Triangle Pick Medium(0.7mm) 50 EA


P004BK-MH  Carbon(Black) Teardrop Pick Medium-Heavy(1.0mm) 50 EA

P004BK-H  Carbon(Black) Teardrop Pick Heavy(1.2mm) 50 EA 


P005BK-L  Carbon(Black) Standard Pick Light(0.5mm) 50 EA

P005BK-M  Carbon(Black) Standard Pick Medium(0.8mm) 50 EA

P005BK-MH  Carbon(Black) Standard Pick Medium-Heavy(1.0mm) 100 EA

P005BK-H  Carbon(Black) Standard Pick Heavy(1.2mm) 50 EA 


P006WC-MH  Celluloid(White Color Printing) Standard Pick Medium-Heavy(1.0mm) 50 EA

P006WC-H  Celluloid(White Color Printing) Standard Pick Heavy(1.2mm) 50 EA

P006WC-EH  Celluloid(White Color Printing) Standard Pick Extra-Heavy(1.5mm) 50 EA 


※ All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.






Please enjoy playing with BlackSmith picks !!!


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